“We have proven time and time again that our gates are durable and dependable”

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Home Security Systems

There’s nothing to match the feeling of being safe and secure at home, knowing that you can enjoy your residence to the fullest without having to worry.

Expanding Security Gates

Personal security is of paramount importance in your home, where you and your family deserve to feel at your safest.

Satisfied corporate customers include:


American, British and Canadian embassies, Banks, Hospitals
and thousands of other important customers like you!

Why choose Superior Doors?

22 Years Experience

Since 1994 we have consciously improved on the design and strength of the product obtaining a high standard security gate that maintains its mark in the security industry.

Great Product, Great Service

We have thrived through referrals by both private and commercial clients stating the satisfactory installation received as well as the professional service.

Competitive Pricing

Contact us to see why so many Southern Africans rely on us to keep them safe and happy.

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