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At Superior Expanding Security Doors we understand the value of safety and therefore built with this mindset that the safety of your family should not come with a bloated price tag.


We are serious about your home security and always strive to provide the best security solutions for you. 


Burglar Proofing your property with our Security Gates is the perfect solution for you.


Installing gates on your sliding doors is an effective way to protect your home and family from intruders.

Home Security

Horizontal Burglar Bars



Security gates are the foundation of any home’s security system


Personal security is of paramount importance in your home, where you and your family deserve to feel at your safest. Security gates are the foundation of any home’s security system, and are of the greatest importance in any area where safety cannot be compromised.

For nearly 20 years, Superior Expanding Security Doors has been manufacturing and installing the highest quality security gates in Johannesburg. Each security gate is designed to ensure maximum durability, providing year after year of dependable service. Moreover, a security gate installed by Superior Security Doors will offer:

Security Gates

What makes them good quality?

Not all security gates are created equal, so what sets a good security gate apart from a bad one? Essentially, the quality of the steel and the method of installation will determine the effectiveness of the gate. Even a robust security gate will fail to deter criminals if it’s not properly installed.

Conversely, a properly-installed gate that is constructed from weak materials will not keep burglars at bay. For this reason, we at Superior Expanding Security Doors place as much emphasis on the method of installation as we do on the type of materials used. We know that weak gates can simply be bent out of shape, and that poor installation makes it easy for gate components to be easily removed or sawn off.

None of our gates use plastic parts, and each gate is moulded from the highest quality steel and parts. Every gate is installed by a qualified professional, and is assured of providing the very best protection for you, your family and your assets.

Highest quality gates.

Superior Expanding Security Doors offers some of the highest quality security gates in Johannesburg, combined with expert advice, fuss-free installation and excellent service. We pride ourselves on bringing not only a superior product to the market, but also superior customer service.

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